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We provide the most effective recovery services that can be obtained in the Optical Industry.
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Q. How extensive is your expertise?
A. ORI has been in business for more than 13 years working ...

Q. How many clients has ORI served in the optical industry?
A. More then one thousand worldwide...

We are not just a legal forwarding firm and a collection agency, but an ADVISOR to you as our client.

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Optical Recovery Inc, is a full service commercial credit and collection agency servicing only optical manufacturers and distributors worldwide. With more than twelve years actively resolving delinquent obligations in the optical industry, we immediately identify the debtor’s attitude and ability to pay.

“Knowledge is power To know is to control”
These quotes are especially true in the area of commercial debt recovery. By investigating current and liability information, past placements and general credit information, we provide you with data needed to make sound decisions.

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